The glass is the main element , both in terms of occupied surface and in terms of technical switches between inner and outer environment. Nowadays it is possible to use high  performance products, which can considerably improve the housing comfort and the energy efficiency of the buildings.
The low-E glass assembled in an insulating glass wall offers an elevated thermal insulation (Ug 1.1 W/(m2K)). It improves the inner comfort and allows the reduction of energy consumption and of carbon dioxide emissions. Thanks to its lowered solar factor the low-E glass guarantees a better protection from the sun rays during summer time.
The latest laws on security have emphasized the critical areas in which modern security glasses have to respect certain requirements. The innovations in the development  of this kind of glasses give new possibilities to the design and at the same protect people against injuries and buildings against potential external attacks.
Every day we are assaulted by the noises from the streets that night and day penetrates in our houses and offices. How could we find a silent environment in which we can  concentrate or relax? The solution is to use the acoustic safety glasses that are available in various types and thicknesses, in order to obtain an insulating glass wall with a noise reduction of over 50 dB!
What about a glass that is clean 24 hours a day? Thanks to its revolutionary covering the glass reacts chemically to solar rays decomposing the organic filth. Water equally distributes on the surface of the glass sliding and taking the dissolved grime away.

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